Dare Dream

1.5 cm x 1.2 cm
Acrylic on canvas

I had always wanted to produce large works, but I just did not have the courage – until I stood there starting at the large blank canvas 4 feet by 5 feet. I remember feeling excited, nervous and dreamt of the possibilities of what it could be. I had “dared” myself to be proud, to create, to “dream” big. This work took on many different phases until that day I stepped back and I knew I had dared myself and I was living the dream.

Her Garden

1.0m x 0.8m
Acrylic on canvas

Her Garden is dedicated to my mom, and to all the mothers who spend countless hours on their gardens manicuring, planting, weeding, organizing each tulip, forget me knots and pansies that bring the neighbourhood alive. As I have stated before, all my works come from emotions and this represents yet another wonderful childhood memory. I can remember planting my first tomato as a young child and watching it grow, checking on the plant to see that it was not interrupted by insects or rabbits. The colours I have reflected in this piece are rhubarb, cucumbers and many other plants all cared for by the love of a mother’s touch.


1.0m x 0.8m
Acrylic on canvas

This represents my greatest childhood memories of playing in the leaves. A Canadian autumn has not only been etched in my memory, but is that of rich vibrant colours that warm the soul. As the brush swept across the canvas I was reminded of the Japanese maple in my parent’s front yard displaying its rich vast palette of colours. Like a wonderful memory, Fallen was truly that.

The Cove

1.0m x 0.8m
Acrylic on canvas

The Cove was a love affair done with blues and greens and with brush strokes of a soft pink that fit with the finished product. It was an absolute joy to produce ‘The Cove’, although a great challenge. The Cove took me to a “secret inner hiding place” like a child’s made up language – pure enjoyment and fun.

The Dance

0.7m x 0.6m
Acrylic on fine cotton paper roll

“The dance” was the first time I had painted on fine cotton. I was so curious to see how the colours and paint would react with the cotton. As it turned out it was wonderful. This new relationship had taken on a life form of its own. The colours moved together with ease and the bright colours came in like a welcomed guest. As I swayed back and forth creating this vibrant work the name “The dance” spoke for its self. I still find it hard to sit still when I look at his painting.

With Me

180cm x120cm
Pastel on manila paper

This was one of my first works. In fact, I had done this piece during my undergrad. It was also one of the first times I had done work on a large scale and one of the first times where I used manila paper. I had used pastel as my medium and could recall to this day how wonderful the pastel felt in my hand – so smooth and inviting, calming and allowing me to take risks. This is still one of my favourite works and it reminds me of my youth. How one perceives things is very important and personal.

The Calm

0.3m x 0.9m, 0.3m x 0.9m, 0.4m x 0.4m, and 0.4m x 0.4m
Acrylic on canvas

This was a challenging piece that brought forth more emotion than I could imagine. I can remember waking up the in the middle of the night at 3am and working through this extraordinary piece. I was new to these types of colours and excited to see and build a new relationship with each canvas. I still have an excitement rush through my stomach when I look at this work, then I breathe deeply and I experience a sense of calm.


0.9m x 0.6m and 0.9m x 0.6m
Acrylic on canvas.

Blue – I can remember looking at so many different photographs of this work and wondering where all the different shades of blue went. Whilst in the midst of creating Blue I felt as if this was the sister that I never had. The love and passion was still alive from creating Red Flower, and I knew that I had not completely finished my work. That is how the sister was born – Blue, in all her beauty and glory. I look at this work and get a family feeling.


180cm x 120cm
Acrylic on paper

Originally called “Pieces of Him” this was an emotional roller coaster – was it about the “one who got away” or the “one who broke my heart”? I would not go that far but definitely the works produced were in memory of a wonderful person. I danced the colours around the paper with ease and allowed memories to evolve onto paper. ‘Him’ he was and he is, that of a great memory.


90cmx31cm (x2) & 40cmx40cm (x2 )
Acrylic on canvas.

Together was a style that I had never done before. I have been very fortunate to have traveled and explore different parts of the globe. I have done most if not all my travels alone. When asked “how do you go travelling alone”, I often smile and reply “I am never alone”, I always have my family, friends and faith with me.


89.5cm x 60cm (x2)
Acrylic on canvas.

Brown was a warming and lively work which took months to complete. I developed a style of work whilst living in Italy in which I combined pieces of white paper with white glue to give the paintings depth and “mystery”. Brown is warm, beautiful and embracing.


31.5cm x 90cm (X2)
Acrylic on canvas.

Personal, and yes it is. My works are all very personal to me. The odd time I plan out what I am going to paint, but my emotions always guide me and help me to form a personal relationship with my works. Personal, is most definitely what it is in this case.

Red Flower

89.5cm x 60cm (x2)
Acrylic on canvas.

Red Flower was produced with comfort and ease. I fell in love doing this work of art. I can remember having the canvas on the floor listening to Jazz and thinking of the rich colours of Barbados – my second home. I was not thinking of a flower, nor an explosion as some might see, but rather just falling in love with my new relationship – the creation of Red Flower through paint brush to canvas.


89.5cm x 60cm (X2)
Acrylic on canvas.

Joy – As in the name itself, Joy was the overcoming emotion I felt when I created this piece. I completed Joy in almost three days as I was overcome with happiness in my heart. I had a toxin removed from my life, a toxin so great and powerful I learnt to respect the harm it was capable of. When it left my life, I was free I could breath, a feeling of Joy.

Warm Waters

91.5 cm x 91.5 cm
Acrylic on canvas.

This is absolutely one of my favourite pieces. Warm Waters originally had set out to be that of Dubai dessert and landscape. I had tried to envision how the sand blew of over the vast dessert, only to find myself at a standstill and could not finish my work. I put aside this piece for two years, then one day I felt ready to revisit and “Warm Waters” was brought to life. Never give up on your dreams!

Thank You

105cmx76cm (x2)
Acrylic on canvas.

Another work that was built on emotion: ‘Thank you’ was my way of thanking the support, the viewers, friends and family. It was the good times and bad times in life that have taught me how to love, forgive and push myself, but it would not be possible without my daily experiences and support throughout. ‘Thank you’ was done with love for me to you.

Our Time

60cm x 60cm (x2) 90cm x 60cm
Acrylic on canvas

This was a tragic love story, a tale of heartbreak and sorrow. My very first trilogy I had done in my parent’s basement. I was in mourning after having my heart broken and did not want to see the sun and thought and felt as we all do “ I will never love again” ( I am living proof that we do love again, strong, harder and smarter). I recall creating this piece engaging in to darker colours which I had not used before, pulling the paint across the canvas I periodically would stop and wipe my tears. Down in the basement was where I created one of my deepest raw emotions exposed for all to see. Our Time was a stepping stone in my career and will not be forgotten but the future -marvellous.

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