For the love of Art

By Melissa Randhawa

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Michelle-Angela Jenkins made an indelible mark on art lovers within Dubai’s community when she displayed her artwork at Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort and Marina a few weeks ago. Smitten with her work, they’ve invited her back. There is something about the emotion she evokes through her art, I’mtold. dxbuzz caught up with this graceful young artist to know more about her collection, which is currently on display until January 5.

What I love about being an artist… the constant strive to better in every essence of the word. I love the idea of giving back to the community through art by allowing the viewer to feel warm or cold.

One thing I love the most… when I see someone looking at my work, they are silent in their own moment and then they smile. I know then that my personal message has been received.

My inspirations… are truly that of my emotions. It could be that worry, anger, empathy or love in which I am expressing through medium.

When art is being viewed… one must slow down, breathe and tap into their inner emotions. The viewer’s emotional state and mind are now in a different place from the daily routine, thus escaping from worry, pressure and anxiety. The audience in that particular moment or environment is now vulnerable, allowing themselves to be free of expectations and demands from society; allowed and encouraged to connect with their own emotions thoughts and feelings.

Early memories… I’ve been interested in art ever since I could hold a paint brush. During my early childhood, I remember winning my first art award in grade four. I will never forget my art teacher who encouraged me to use the whole paper.

The UAE overall… has a progressive art scene that I am so proud to be part of. Abu Dhabi’s much anticipated Louvre, Sharjah’s museums and programmes and Dubai Art Week provide inspiration and a wealth of opportunity for artists to exhibit. One of the most exciting events will be the Expo in 2020. Dubai is at the global forefront. I am a strong believer in UAE’s focus on arts and culture and its forward thinking in this area. It demonstrates real inspiration, positivity and motivation.

“We are all creative in many different ways, shapes and forms, yet it is how we choose to express ourselves. In this fast-paced world, I feel too often, we neglect the true beauty and splendour of art”

— Michelle Angela Jenkins


Michelle has exhibited her work across the globe in places such as Italy, Barbados, Antigua, Canada and Dubai. Apart from having an inborn passion to paint, she has spent time in educating herself, a value instilled in her by her father. She moved to Dubai in July 2009 after having lived in Italy for four years. She was born in Ontario in Canada, studied at Fanshawe College and obtained a Developmental Services Worker-Deaf Major and Educational Assistant. The University of Windsor, Ontario, awarded her a Bachelor of Arts in the field of Multicultural Studies where Art was her minor. She moved to Italy to study Italian language and history at the University of Dante Alighieri in Florence. She also studied at the University of Toronto, where she obtained her Bachelor of Education. She says, “My father was born in London, Ontario to one of the first black families in my city. In fact, his family home has been awarded a plaque by the city and several students have written university theses on his history and background. He always instilled in us that education is essential.”

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