March Mental Health

Raising Awareness of Mental Health

Dear Parents,

As a School Teacher I can understand the frustration, anxiety and disruption whilst the schools remain closed and online teaching is still dragging on. Let me tell you that you are doing a great job 👏🏾 Be sure to stop to take a step back and remind yourself that this pandemic is new to everyone ! The pandemic has turned many, many situations into total disarray !!! Whilst there are many, many components and large issues that cannot be ignored, what I would like to address is the impact of self esteem amongst ourselves and our children. As an Artist I would like to propose a project in which we celebrate our amazing, unique qualities!!! I would ask that you and your children talk about what makes you AWESOME 😎 What makes that star you have within you shine 💫

You can draw a picture and write two captions. Example: “I am awesome because I have wonderful skin.” “I shine like a star because I hold the door for people.” It can be that easy. But truly have a think about it. Talk about the qualities that make you special and what you like about you ! Across the globe anxiety and depression are on the rise. Social distancing and being apart from family has left many with heavy hearts. So now more than ever we need to remember our great qualities!

Let me do two examples and post them now 🤗

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