Critical Review

By Art Curator D.ssa Denise Lattanzio 4 Mad Gallery Milano Art Directors Alessandra Magni e Carlo Greco

Michelle Angela Jenkins found her pictorial essence in the use of acrylic, giving life to emotional works. Works that become the artist’s necessary expression, an extension of her memory, her emotions, her memories and her feelings poured into the canvas. A vibrant flame, waiting in the soul, that explodes from the inside, flaring out into a burning fire that burns in its colors. The work then appropriates the torch of the observer, the artist, to free him from the imprisonment of the body and transfigure it in its true inconsistent essence.

In her works Michelle Angela Jenkins uses more red, blue and yellow, colors that recall the freedom of fauves. A primitivism that is also evident in other works of his, such as Our Beautiful Body. A regression then to the free and primordial state in the stretch and use of the colors that recalls the work of Matisse in all its facets, from the Donna con cappello to La musica. A contemporary Fauvism that dialogues and is influenced by Lo spirituale nell’arte by Kandinskij, from the idea that the color free and released from itself and from any other definition can rise to pure emotion, to the representation of the liberated soul that exudes like a river in fullness leaving a sense of internal peace necessary to continue living.

A freedom of expression that goes beyond the feeling, which is deformed to adapt to any approaching soul, which is distorted and recomposed in an unnatural way but more real than the real itself through colors and brushstrokes that recall the Munch’s idea of interiority transposed on canvas. An expressionism that sometimes becomes impending but that flows into impressionism, in the impression of the soul captured in the climax of his emotion. An uncovered Pandora’s box whose inner feelings cling to the outside world through the canvas’s support.

Joy is a diptych, two separate works but united at the same time by the continuity of colors and movements of the same. A continuous flow that does not stop at the end of the canvas but continues incessantly in the second. Joy is a set of emotions that, in being liberated, give relief. A pacification of the artist’s soul that explodes when the colors explode outside. A liberation that brings joy when the soul is quipped through the overlapping of soft brushstrokes painted by an artist guided by herself almost automatically

Warm Waters recalls the warm waters illuminated at sunset, a mirror in which the reflections become mystical and evocative of the immaterial. Everyone sees their own reflection that, accompanied by a symphony of colors and warmth, calls us to investigate who we are and who we would like to be. Warm Waters represents a mystical confidence with oneself that transcends the material.

Critical Review

By Art Curator Chiara Valaguzza

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