Free Spirit

No limits and no boundaries. Pride on our chest with squared shoulders. Moving forward, not looking back, blocking out negative energy, and recharging on positivity and love. I am without doubt the one who cannot be held back. I am the Free Spirit.


Her body was not the one you see in magazines. She did not have a background in modelling nor a thirst for perfect body image. She was herself. She danced to her own rhythm, laughed at her own jokes and reminisced on family get togethers. She embraced her imperfections. Struggled with the idea of “one size fits all”. Her hair had different highlights of natural grey. She smiled at the numerous dimples on her body. Beyond beautiful she shone brighter than the sun.

Positive Choices

I felt it was so important to reinforce positive messages. The old saying is true “Life is not perfect” thus I decided to make the text asymmetrical. It is important for the viewer to experience this message on a personal level, a level that reaches one’s insecurities and tackles the feeling of doubt that is within each of us. Each message is to be read slowly by the viewer. SLOWLY. Thus, I invite you to take some personal time to pick three messages, then pick two more messages, and followed by one more message. Each need reinforcing. Breathe in the messages, grow from the message and help one another. Take time out to honour yourself.

A Child’s Vacation

Each time a look at this work I can’t help but smile. Take a moment, close your eyes and remember that warm, fun and carefree childhood memory. The memory that includes sticky ice cream, cotton candy, trips to the park, your grandparent’s house, or the beach. All the lights and sounds that you breathed in as a child. The giggles and belly laughs that could last for days. The mud, the falling off your bike, or falling out of a tree, each memory unique and special.

The Leonardo Da Vinci Tribute

Grazie Leonardo, Grazie

76 cm high x 51 cm wide Pastel

Known as the Master it was of great pleasure to produce my version of Leonardo Di Vinci. I took great pride and joy producing this work by using the colours of the Italian flag. The colours of the flag have broadly stayed the same but different shades have been used over time, and this has been represented in this piece. It is important that we remember the “Tricolore”- three colours and what this means. While the Tricolore flag has invoked great discussion with regard to the meaning of each colour, green represents the country’s plains and the hills. White represents the Alps covered in snow. Red represents blood spilt in the Wars of the Italian Independence. Following a religious interpretation, green represents hope, white is faith and red represents charity. History allows us to agree the red and white were a representation of the flag of Milan, and the green was the same colour as the uniform of the civic guard of Milan.

The Colours of Leonardo Da Vinci

102cm high x 76 cm wide Acrylic on Canvas

Leonardo Da Vinci was the true definition of a “Renaissance man”. Leonardo was a painter, architect, sculptor, inventor, and engineer, who also studied the laws of science and nature. Starting his apprenticeship at age 14, he grew into the iconic man we know today.

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