In Italian Noi translates as “us”. Whilst creating this work I was thinking of all the wonderful people that I have met during my travels. I thought of their kind loving hearts, genuine warmth and beauty. I imagined all their facial features, laugh lines, and unique traits that makes them beautiful people. Thus, I ask the viewer what is beauty? Is it perfect symmetrical eyes? or broad lips? To me beauty is the person, the kind caring person who makes life a better place for all of us. We are all beautiful. It might not be the “beautiful” that we see on TV, or the internet, but I dare ask – which world do we live in? I chose the real world.


I was very fortunate to visit Singapore in 2017. I was truly overcome by the beauty of the country. The city itself proved to be very modern whilst celebrating a rich history. What I found most amazing were the different walks of life, religions and cultures in one place. I marvelled at how different cultures interacted respectfully, living and working alongside one another. I realised towards the end of my painting that the gold lines represented genuine warmth and respect which I felt whilst spending time in Singapore.

Our Beautiful Body

This is a piece of art in which I want to highlight the beauty, intelligence, and integrity of our precious bodies. Too often the perception of the ideal face and figure is portrayed on social media as a “false medium” that is truly not attainable without the use of surgery or digital enhancement. This type of “store bought beauty” often leads to depression, or anxiety, and can easily distort one’s self-esteem leaving oneself in an unhealthy state, both mentally and physically. Once we stop judging ourselves we can stop judging each other and unite as a human race living in the same space, same environment, and the same world. Beauty is not subject to race, colour or creed, and thus we have the potential to find our inner beauty and help rejoice in what makes us unique.

Our Stunning Body

A helping hand, a relaxed posture, a person’s smile, and a loving look are among a few things that make up Our Stunning Body. My smile is different to yours just as all smiles are different to one another. Too often we as individuals look in the mirror and find fault with what they see. Too often we look at look at others and criticize for looking different to the perceived norm or perfection. I can’t remember when ‘different’ or why ‘different’ became a negative. Differences are what make individuals amazing, unique and beautiful. Our bodies help transform nations, enrich cultures, and allow us to appreciate one another. Our individual bodies have the ability to attract attention. It’s is our unique looks that turn heads and motivate others. That is the true power of our Stunning Body.

Drinkers of the Wind

Whilst studying these amazing Arabian horses I learnt that they are one of the oldest breeds known for their elegant shaped heads and high tails. They are also one of the most distinct breeds of horse in the world. Creating this work allowed me to understand and appreciate this horse’s unique relationship with a human, and in particular their ability to learn quickly. I marveled at the strong and elegant body that is native to the Arab region. With such a strong importance in history dating back to 1588 and cared for by Bedouin tribes, this marvelous creature’s bloodline is found in several breeds of horse worldwide. With a smile on my face and a new-found appreciation for this fast horse, the name “Drinkers of the Wind” was nothing short of perfect.

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