1.5m x 1.0m
Acrylic on Canvas

As the name describes in the title “You” this is a very personal work. It was created after the Manchester attack 2017. I knew I had to create something. I started to create one face, then another face had appeared whilst I was creating the works, then another. Thus, symbolizing that we are all connected and we can all find ourselves in one another. We can if we look hard enough find the love, sympathy, empathy and common ground that make us human. “I am You as You are me”.

Arabian Sky

1.5m x 1.2m (Original and Prints available)
Acrylic on Canvas

Arabian Sky was originally imagined in England with memories of my time in UAE but also with a look to time to be spent in Saudi Arabia. I envisaged both times together. I finished this piece whilst in Saudi Arabia having spent many an evening under such an emphatic, beautiful and peaceful close to the day.

Desert Diamond

1.2 x 0.9m & 1.2 x 0.9m
Acrylic on Canvas

When I found out that I would be spending time in Saudi Arabia I imagined myself exploring the desert. I envisioned myself stumbling across desert roses, becoming lost in in the glorious sunsets, studying the form of camels, and understanding the structure of escarpments. I pondered all the colours, lives, animals, and plants that graced the land. Then my final brush stroke bore the birth of Desert Diamond.


1.1m x 1.0m (Prints available)
Acrylic on Canvas

Thursday was created about two months after I had first visited Saudi Arabia. It was a joyous moment when I completed this piece as I realised that I had begun to “find my feet”. When I realised that moment, I felt so comfortable and at home. I was overjoyed with my surroundings, feeling grateful for the people whom I had met, and glad that the weekend had begun. I look forward to Thursday. Thus, my weekend reward being the work Thursday.

Riyadh Dreams

1.5m x 1.1m & 1.1m x 0.6m (Original available)
Oil on Canvas

The very first works I created start to finish in Saudi Arabia! I was so excited to start creating art that I actually picked up oil paint by mistake! As I began my work I instantly found myself immersed in the rich colours which left a slow burn of creativity as I created one of my favourite works. The beauty of this work is found in the different style and forms in taking on different lights. Truly one of my favourite works.


0.5m x 0.7m (Prints available)
Acrylic on Canvas

A dear friend of mine asked me to create a work for her using specific colours and a specific style. This of course was no problem. The only difficulty was creating the work on a smaller scale. I struggled to fit my emotion and expression onto such a small canvas. But then I tried to place myself in her shoes, think of her, think of her needs and her request. Remember the wonderful memories you have created with this beautiful woman, the laughs and worries shared. I recalled the times we truly listened to each other. I asked myself to be more…….Understanding.


1.0m x 0.75m (Prints available)
Acrylic on Canvas

You gave me strength and courage. You helped me remain calm and reminded me to breathe. You opened your heart and loved me as a family member. The friend who was secretly placed in a different country awaiting my arrival. You challenged me to become a better version of myself. Forever in my heart. Thank you. This is Elise.

The Clive Series – Clive Undressed

0.7m x 0.5m
Black ink on white paper -framed

Clive Undressed depicts that moment when you stop to unwind. Then you close the door to the traffic, when you put the music on low, turn off your phone and relax. When you look deep into the drawing you will see three faces. Each face represents a different mood, a different thought and different emotion. There is Clive in all of us.

The Clive Series – Clive Dressed

0.7m x 0.5m (Original available)
Coloured pencil on Manilla -framed

As part of the series Clive Dressed is also composed of three different faces. Clive Dressed was the first of the series of two. Clive Dressed is an interpretation of one who has taken on the day, taken on the demands of others, the request of his family and the demands of the media. Social media has helped us reach out to each other, but it has also caused distress and often portrays many untruths often not allowing us to see or think clearly. Clive Dressed is also Clive distressed. At times we too are Clive Dressed – dressed for the demands of our surroundings.

Sand Whispers

1.2m x 1.0m (Original and Prints available)
Acrylic on Canvas

Just as the wind whispers a song, a calming voice or a calming message, so does the sand. Sand that can be so many different colours, sand that can get into the most unexpected places, sand that can remind you of a long-awaited holiday or a childhood memory. Listen closely to the secret of the whispers of the sand.

Back to Basics Series – Red Comfort

1.0m x 0.75m and 1.0m x 0.75m (Original available)
Acrylic on Canvas

There is something so comfortable about doing what you love, doing what comes naturally. The feeling of comfort and joy. Sometimes we forget how gifted and talented we are in our own homes. As I stared at the blank canvas I knew what I had to do. My mind had already created the work of art before I started as I picked up my trusty red paint and let the feeling of relaxation and comfort take over.

Back to Basics Series – Blue Love

1.0m x 0.75m and 1.0m x 0.75m (Original available)
Acrylic on Canvas

Blue Love was part two of the Back to Basics series. I love using reds and yellows and other bold colours. Yet I found myself wearing blue two days in a row before I created this work. When I had finished with the red paint, my hands trembled with excitement to pick up the blue paint. Paint with the love and compassion that reminds me of how lucky I truly am.

Back to Basics Series – A Warm Yellow

1.0m x 0.75 and 1.0m x 0.75m (Original available)
Acrylic on Canvas

It has been a long time since I have done a series. But what an incredible journey it was. I thought I had finished The Back to Basics series when I felt the desires in me to start to use “yellow”. It was with absolute pleasure to return back to the series and start with the yellow paint. I found that with yellow the paint took on even more personality and began to grow. I found myself adding more colouring and appreciating the series even more. I don’t think this will be the end of the Back to Basics series, but I do look forward to see what the next chapter of the works is.

A Fond Memory

1.2m x 0.75m (Original available)
Acrylic on Canvas

When I say the title, I can feel myself smiling. Often when one thinks of memories one thinks of the good times, the happy times, the special moments and a time where things were glorious. As I started this work, I had in mind to only use three colours. Three colours then led to four, five, six and so on. I found myself struggling to portray exactly what I was feeling. Then over the minutes, hours and days I had realized that what I was trying to create was absolutely perfect. Out of the frustration, confusion and happy times I had returned to a place where I was relaxed and content. I was creating a memory – a fond memory.

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