Michelle Angela Jenkins

Hearts with Love Project

My Goal: Bring Awareness to the Community about Racism in a non-confrontational and gentle manner to address the subject of Equality. The Black Heart represents all black lives lost due to racism and the red heart, or any other color heart that an individual may choose represents a special person in one’s life.


Michelle graduated from the University of Toronto’s Teachers College (OISE) where Art was one of main studies of focus. During her undergraduate studies at the University of Windsor, Michelle had the opportunity to use different mediums such as metals and clay. Painting with acrylic has proven to be her preferred medium. For Michelle it is an exciting feeling to look at a blank canvas:

“I enjoy “growing” with my painting. I find it interesting to watch how the color begins to take on movement in different directions and styles. It is a type of freedom.”

“Michelle Angela Jenkins made an indelible mark on art lovers within Dubai’s community when she displayed her artwork at Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort and Marina. Smitten with her work, they’ve invited her back.”

Melissa Randhawa – Author dxbuzz

“I personally feel that we are all creative in many different ways shapes and forms, yet it is how we choose to express ourselves. In this fast paced world that we live in, I feel too often that we neglect the true beauty and splendor of art.”

–Michelle Angela Jenkins

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